FULL VIDEO: Leopard attack at Bengaluru school in India



A leopard sneaked into a school near Whitefield in Bengaluru attacking people who came in its way. Two people were injured in the high drama that took place at the Vibgyor High School in Marathahalli. Dramatic video footage showed the scared big cat running aimlessly in the school premises. Forest officials who tried to tranquilise the leopard were attacked. Thankfully, it was a Sunday and students of the school were at homes enjoying their weekly holiday.


The security official of the school suspected that a leopard had broken into the school premises. CCTV footage showed the leopard skulking through the corridors of the school building. Therefore, a call was made to the forest department. A team of forest officials arrived at the school and scoured it to trap the big cat. It took them 10 hours to finally catch the leopard. The animal was then released into the wilds.

The feline looked terrified apparently by the presence of people surrounding it and went on an attacking spree. It pulled down a forest official who was trying to climb a fence to escape. The leopard was seen attacking him again by a swimming pool. The man somehow manages to free himself from the leopard’s clutches. A few shots of tranquiliser darts were fired at the wild animal and it was seen running away towards a changing room where the animal collapsed.


Forest officials waited for an hour to confirm that the leopard was transquilised completely. Then they covered the animal with a net and took it away to the rescue centre.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Ravi Ralf told The Hindu newspaper that it was an 8-year-old full-grown male leopard and is being kept for treatment and observation at the rescue centre of the Bannerghatta Biological Park. A call on its relocation will be taken by the forest department.

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VIDEO: Woman dies while deboarding moving train at Borivali station



MUMBAI: In a shocking incident, a woman died after being crushed by a train at Mumbai’s Borivali railway station. The 55-year-old woman was alighting from the moving train when she fell and came under its wheels. CCTV footage from the station shows a relative of the woman helping her get off Vadodara Express when the train was still moving.


As per media reports, the family had boarded the Vadodara Express at Surat and was headed to Mumbai. According to a news report in the The Indian Express, there was some confusion and the woman, Kirandevi Kishorilal Kothari, along with her nephew Tarun Singh and a female relative started alighting from the train while it was moving.

First, a female relative is seen deboarding the train. Then a man jumps out of the train onto the platform and starts offloading the luggage when it is still moving. Kothari who is wearing a saree is the last one to deboard. She falls and slides into the gap between the train and the platform. According to GRP officials, by the time the train stopped, the woman sustained grievous injuries in the mouth and nose and was bleeding profusely. She was rushed to the hospital but was declared ‘brought dead’.

However, according to Zee News, the family members were to board the train at Borivali station. Zee’s news report says, the train arrived at Borivali station at 3.50 pm and suddenly started moving at 4pm. As some of the woman’s family members had not boarded the train, the others who were already in it decided to get off.  It is then that the incident took place.

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place in India. A woman had died at Mysore Railway station in 2011 when she got trapped between the train and railway platform in efforts to catch a moving train.


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VIDEO: National zoo Panda Tian Tian plays in snow #blizzard2016 | USA



Tian Tian, the giant adult panda who lives in Washington DC’s Smithsonian’s National Zoo, was delighted at the sight of so much snow this morning. And the 18-year-old panda rolled himself in the snow after a winter snowstorm formed two feet of white layer on the ground.

The National zoo posted the video of Tian Tian on its official Facebook and Twitter handle and it has gone viral on the internet.


Meanwhile, a massive blizzard has blanketed the US east coast in snow, paralysing and bringing life to a standstill. New York and also Washington DC have been affected badly. According to Reuters, at least 19 people have died in incidents related to the snowstorm.

Emergency has been declared in New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

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Sunny Leone praised on social media, journalist Bhupendra Chaubey scorned over interview- Best Tweets



Sunny Leone handled misogyny and condescension with grace and charm. Well done lady @SunnyLeone


That Bhupender Chaubhe interview with Sunny Leone is despicable. “WHY DON’T YOU ASCRIBE TO MORAL STANDARDS OF INDIAN HOUSEWIVES????”

If you’re willing to go beyond the media stereotypes, you’ll notice that Sunny Leone is actually very pretty.

Of all Indians, I guess @bhupendrachaube was more disappointed that Sunny Leone made a career in Bollywood. He misses her on his laptop

Sunny Leone has much more dignity and class than people like Bhupendra Chaubhey ever will.

Mr @bhupendrachaube you started the interview by saying “I was trying to do some research”, how many videos of Sunny Leone did you see?

Dear stupid Journalist, Sunny Leone is a human being & she has feelings too..STFU

The Sunny Leone video which everyone should watch. Probably her best performance till date.

Sunny Leone comes across as far more graceful, interesting and intelligent than 99% of Indian journalists who interview her.

The one good thing about journos being awful to sunny leone is that they make her grace and poise even more starkly evident in contrast

Those who mock, judge and treat Sunny Leone dismissively stand naked and exposed.

Sunny Leone thanked her fans for the love and support in a video.



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WATCH: Chris Gayle hits fastest 50 in Big Bash League


Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has smashed a 12-ball-50 to equal Yuvraj Singh’s record of the fastest half century in a T20 game. Yuvraj Singh had set the record of the fastest 50 in Twenty20 in the 2007 World Cup against England in Durban. Yuvraj had smashed 6 sixes in an over of Stuart Broad in the match.

Gayle hit 7 sixes and 2 fours for Melbourne Renegades before he was dismissed for 56 off 17 balls in the semi final of the ongoing Big Bash League in Australia.


Melbourne Renegades needed 171 runs in 16 overs against Adelaide Strikers to qualify for Big Bash T20 league final. And Gayle started by hitting four consecutive sixes in Greg West’s first over. He reached his 50-run mark in the fourth over of Renegades’ innings.

The West Indies opener also holds the record for the fastest T20 century in the Indian Premier League. Chris Gayle had scored 100 in just 30 balls in the 2013 edition of the IPL while playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

In spite of Gayle’s blistering half century, Renegades lost the semi-final and and crashed out of the Big Bash League. The Melbourne team fell 27 runs short of their target of 171

Chris Gayle was met with raucous applause by the crowd of 25,227 people in the Etihad Stadium as he walked off raising his bat after his dismissal. This could be the Jamaican’s farewell match if Cricket Australia decides not to welcome him back in the next edition of the cricket league.


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VIDEO: Sydney Vs London New Year 2016 celebrations


New Year 2016

New Year eve saw some spectacular display of fireworks around the world. Happy New Year 2016 and #NewYearDay hashtags have been trending in the United States and worldwide. According to Facebook, fireworks at Brisbane, Australia, on the midnight of 31st December, 2015 and 1st January, 2016 were the largest ever.

London skies were lit up by 12000 fireworks on the River Thames as Big Ben struck midnight marking the start of 2016. The show cost £1.8 million and lasted 11 minutes, according to UK’s Daily Mail.

Sydney‘s lavish display of fireworks was its ‘biggest and best’ ever New Year’s Eve celebrations. Sydney spent a record $ 7 million on fireworks display as the skies sparkled over the Harbour Bridge perfectly reflected by the waters below. The Australian city lived up to expectations as it is often said there is no New Year’s eve celebration quite like Sydney.

Moscow celebrated the beginning of a new year in style with colourful display of fireworks. The show was beautiful.

The celebrations and fireworks in other cities were praiseworthy too. The fireworks in Thailand, Bangkok and Hong Kong were spectacular and the cities revelled as the world celebrated the start of 2016.




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VIDEO: Huge Blue whale rescued by tourists, fishermen in Chile


Blue whale in Chile

A 20-metre blue whale was rescued by tourists and local fishermen after it was stranded on a beach in the city of Iquique in Chile.

Police officials and navy personnel were also roped in into the task. And together they managed to secure the large mammal into a net. The blue whale was then towed away into deeper water by a boat.

Blue whales are largest animals to have lived on earth. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant while their hearts can weigh as much as a car.

Blue whales are currently classified as endangered on the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List endangered species.




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Did Gambhir snub MS Dhoni after Vijay Hazare match?



A video that is doing the rounds of social media shows India discard Gautam Gambhir allegedly snubbing ODI cricket captain MS Dhoni after a match in the ongoing Vijay Hazare trophy. Some news outlets took queue from the Youtube video uploaded by an individual and published news stories peppering it with instances of reported past animosities between Gambhir and Dhoni. A furious Gautam Gambhir has blasted the media over the reports and for publishing stories without verifying ‘facts’.

What the video shows

Jharkhand and Delhi clashed in the quarterfinal of the Vijay Hazare trophy – India’s premier domestic One-Day cricket tournament. Chasing 225, Jharkhand team was all out for just 126 runs with MS Dhoni still at the non-striker’s end having scored an unbeaten 70. Dhoni shook hands with opposition players at the end of the game as is customary after cricket matches. Other Delhi players courteously shook hands with Dhoni but when the latter reaches near Delhi skipper Gautam Gambhir, the southpaw walks away ignoring India’s limited-over captain. Gambhir is seen looking the other way and shaking hands with his own team members when Dhoni almost extends his hand for a handshake.


What Gambhir says

Gautam Gambhir lambasted the media for the reports and shared photographs on his official Twitter handle of him shaking hands with MS Dhoni after the quarterfinal match. He even advised media houses to verify facts before publishing them.


Gambhir has been out of the national squad for quite some time. He last played an ODI for India in January 2013. There have been one or two instances of differences with skipper MS Dhoni during Gambhir’s days in the Indian cricket team.

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VIDEO: #TaubaTauba Modi entered Pakistan without Visa, says reporter



Video of Pakistani TV reporter Qaiser Khokhar has gone viral on social media after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to the neighbouring country. It is the hilarious way in which Qaiser Khokhar expresses his anguish for allowing Modi and his entourage consisting of 120 people to enter Pakistan without visa.


The C-42 channel reporter keeps repeating the phrase Tauba Tauba holding both his ears several times while expressing his disapproval of Modi’s unplanned visit to Pakistan. And he does it on-air in his piece-to-camera even as his colleagues seem to be laughing in the background.



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a stopover in Lahore on December 25 on way back from his visit to neighbouring Afghanistan. Modi accompanied by a few officials visited Nawaz Sharif’s residence in Lahore and wished him on his birthday while most of the Indian officials stayed at the airport. The visit, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in over a decade, took media by surprise.

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International Space Station astronaut: Hello, Is this Planet Earth?… Sorry Wrong Number



It is not every day that you get a call from the International Space Station asking “Hello, is this planet Earth?” An unsuspecting woman experienced exactly this on Christmas when British astronaut Tim Peake mistakenly called the wrong number from the ISS.

The astronaut later apologised to the lady for his mistake and assured her it was not a prank call and that he was trying to speak to someone on earth from the International Space Station.

Tim Peake divulged this on microblogging site Twitter.

Tim Peake who arrived on the ISS on December 15 will be at the space station for six months to conduct scientific experiments. Earlier on December 22, the British astronaut had delivered a Christmas video message from the International Space Station (ISS).

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