Sunny Leone praised on social media, journalist Bhupendra Chaubey scorned over interview- Best Tweets



Sunny Leone handled misogyny and condescension with grace and charm. Well done lady @SunnyLeone


That Bhupender Chaubhe interview with Sunny Leone is despicable. “WHY DON’T YOU ASCRIBE TO MORAL STANDARDS OF INDIAN HOUSEWIVES????”

If you’re willing to go beyond the media stereotypes, you’ll notice that Sunny Leone is actually very pretty.

Of all Indians, I guess @bhupendrachaube was more disappointed that Sunny Leone made a career in Bollywood. He misses her on his laptop

Sunny Leone has much more dignity and class than people like Bhupendra Chaubhey ever will.

Mr @bhupendrachaube you started the interview by saying “I was trying to do some research”, how many videos of Sunny Leone did you see?

Dear stupid Journalist, Sunny Leone is a human being & she has feelings too..STFU

The Sunny Leone video which everyone should watch. Probably her best performance till date.

Sunny Leone comes across as far more graceful, interesting and intelligent than 99% of Indian journalists who interview her.

The one good thing about journos being awful to sunny leone is that they make her grace and poise even more starkly evident in contrast

Those who mock, judge and treat Sunny Leone dismissively stand naked and exposed.

Sunny Leone thanked her fans for the love and support in a video.



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Chris Gayle to TV presenter Mel McLaughlin: Don’t blush baby


Chris-Gayle interview

Chris Gayle is drawing ire for his comments to a female reporter during a live interview after a Big Bash League game in Australia. Gayle asked Channel 10 presenter Mel McLaughlin out for a drink during a live interview after Melbourne Renegades‘ Big Bash League win over Hobart Hurricanes. The West Indian cricketer further added “Don’t Blush Baby” making the interviewer uncomfortable with his remarks that has been criticised by former England all-rounder and Channel 10 commentator Andrew Flintoff.

Chris Gayle made a whirlwind 41 in 15 balls to help Melbourne Renegades register a comfortable victory in the match.

Mel McLaughlin said to Gayle at the start of the interview: “You’re absolutely smashing this innings!”

Gayle, who is known for his antics, replied: “I wanted to come and have an interview with you as well.. That’s the reason why I’m here, just to see your eyes for the first time. It’s nice so ..“Hopefully we can win this game and have a drink after. Don’t blush baby.” The cricketer burst out in laughter after the comments leaving the interviewer clearly embarrassed.

The comments led to an onslaught of condemnation on social media. According to Australian media, David Barham, Channel 10 head of sport said, the network was “deeply offended” by Gayle’s comments and had conversations with Cricket Australia and had sought an apology.

Twitter has been trolling Chris Gayle but not all of it is criticism. There is some support for the star West Indian batsman too.

This is not the first time Gayle has been criticised for his sexist comments on female reporters during interviews.

In 2014, Chris Gayle who was captain of franchise Jamaica Tallawahs during the Caribbean Premier League was asked, “How does the pitch feel so far in terms of the training (and) the weather?,” by a female reporter. And in response he said to her, “Well I haven’t touched yours yet so I don’t know how it feels.”

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WDBJ: Video shot and tweeted by suspected gunman Bryce Williams aka Vester Flanagan



This video (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO) was filmed by the gunman who shot down a reporter and photographer of WDBJ TV station at West Virginia on Thursday. Suspect Vester Le Flanagan aka Bryce Williams apparently shared the video on Twitter. He was filming and live tweeting as he walked towards WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward at Bridgewater Plaza in Roanoke in West Virginia, United States of America.

It appears from the video that Parker was busy conducting the Live interview at a shopping center in Moneta and she and the cameraperson did not notice the gunman. The attacker was standing beside camera person Adam Ward for almost 20 seconds before he fired several shots at Alison Parker and then at Ward.


The incident was aired live until the camera fell down from Adam Ward’s hands and the broadcast cuts to a shocked and confused anchor.

The gunman later shot himself fatally when he was confronted by cops according to law enforcement authorities.

It has appeared that the attacker was a disgruntled former employee of WDBJ7 TV station and was fired from the channel.

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WATCH: When Novak Djokovic told Leander Paes “You Inspire Me Always”


Djokovic and Peas

A video of a very friendly and inspiring exchange between two tennis champions – World Number One Novak Djokovic and Indian tennis legend Leander Paesis doing the rounds of social media just after their respective victories in the Wimbledon 2015 championship.


It happened spontaneously. Leander Paes was giving an interview to CNN-IBN after winning the Wimbledon 2015 mixed doubles trophy with Martina Hingis. Paes noticed Djokovic in his car on the other side of the road and congratulated the Men’s Singles champion for his victory.

“Nole well done champion you inspired me today brother,” Leander Paes shouted still holding the interview Mic in his hand. Novak Djokovic, who was driving to Wimbledon bowl in his car shouted back to Paes: “You inspire me always…”

Paes went on to lavish praise on Djokovic: “It’s a real delight what an amazing human being he is, to come up there and handle the pressure on SW19 none other than the greatest of all time Roger Federer.”

The video that has been trending on Youtube India, reveals the respect both the tennis champions have for each other.

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