Now, Mother Dairy milk contains ‘detergent’

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy

Top milk-product brand Mother dairy may face a huge embarrassment after two of its milk samples have reportedly been found to be ‘substandard’. A food watchdog officer also said on Tuesday that one of the samples contained detergent.
However, the allegations were denied by Mother Dairy official claiming that the substandard milk was wrongly attributed to it as the company conducts ‘stringent quality’ tests.
Chief of the Food and Drug Administration department in Agra, Ram Naresh Yadav, told IANS that two samples were collected from Mother Dairy’s collection centres in Bah tehsil, 70 km from Agra city, in November 2014.
Yadav said that the samples were found substandard by Lucknow laboratory where they were sent for testing. He also told IANS that Mother Dairy challenged the results and asked them to send the samples to Kolakata lab, there also the samples were found defective. The Kolkata lab, in fact, discovered detergent in one sample, Yadav further told IANS.
Sandeep Ghosh, business head for milk at Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd defended their product. He told IANS, “It is very unfortunate that the samples collected at the village level are being wrongly attributed to Mother Dairy”.
The Mother Dairy official also underlined that being a ‘responsible’ organisation, the company follows “100 percent testing protocol rather than resorting to random testing procedures”.

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