Narayana Murthy’s Letter to Daughter Akshata is a must read


Narayan Murthy3

Here’s the Full Letter that Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy wrote to his daughter Akshata. It is so heartwarming that it is a must read for everyone.


Becoming a father transformed me in ways that I could never have thought possible. I could never go back to being the person I used to be before. Your arrival in my life brought unimaginable joy and a larger responsibility. I was no more just a husband, a son, or a promising employee of a fast-growing company. I was a father, who had to measure up to the expectations his daughter would have of him at every stage of her life.

Your birth raised the benchmark of my life, in every aspect. My interactions at the workplace became more thoughtful and measured; the quality of my transactions with the outside world more considerate, dignified, and mature. I felt a need to deal with every human being more sensitively and courteously. After all, some day you would grow up and understand the world around you, and I didn’t want you ever to think that I had done anything even remotely wrong.

My mind often goes back to the initial days after your birth. Your mother and I were young then and struggling to find our feet in our careers. Two months after your birth in Hubli, we brought you to Mumbai, but discovered quickly enough, that it was a difficult task to nurture a child and manage careers side by side. So, we decided that you would spend the initial years of your life with your grandparents in Hubli. Naturally, it was a hard decision to make, one which took me quite a bit of time to come to terms with. Every weekend, I would take the plane to Belgaum and then hire a car to Hubli. It was very expensive, but I couldn’t do without seeing you.

What never ceased to amaze me was how you created your own little happy world at Hubli, surrounded by your grandparents and a set of adoring aunts and relatives, oblivious of our absence from your life…

I am often asked about the qualities that I have imparted to my children. I tell them that it is your mother who shouldered this great responsibility and I am ever so grateful to her for bringing you up to be the fine individuals you are. She communicated values more by action than by talking about them. She taught Rohan and you the importance of simplicity and austerity. There was this one instance, in Bangalore, when you were selected for a school drama for which you were required to wear a special dress. It was in the mid-eighties, Infosys had just begun its operations, and we did not have any money to spend on non-basic goods. Your mother explained to you that we would not be able to buy the dress and that you would have to drop out of the performance. Much later, you told me that you had not been able to understand or appreciate that incident. We realize it must have been a bit drastic for a child to forgo an important event in school, but, we know you learnt something important from that- the importance of austerity.

Life has changed for us since then and there is enough money. But, you know, our lifestyle continues to be simple. I remember discussing with your mother the issue of sending you kids to school by car once we were a little comfortable with money, but your mother insisted that Rohan and you go to school with your classmates in the regular autorickshaw. You made great friends with the ‘rickshaw uncle’ and had fun with the other kids in the auto. The simplest things in life are often the happiest and they are for free.

You would often ask me why there was no television at our home when the rest of your friends discussed stuff they watched on TV. Your mother decided early on that there would be no TV in Our home so that there would be time for things like studying, reading, discussions, and meeting friends. She insisted that it was important to create an environment conducive to learning at home. Therefore, every night we dedicated the time between 8 pm and 10 pm to pursuits that brought the family together in a productive environment. While Rohan and you did your schoolwork, your mother and I read books on History, Literature, Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering, or did any office work.

It is quite a well-known fact that when a daughter gets married, a father has mixed feelings about it. He hates the fact that there is somebody else in his daughter’s life with whom she shares her affections–a Smart, confident, younger man who gets the attention that was earlier his alone. I, too, was a little sad and jealous when you told us you had found your life partner. But when I met Rishi and found him to be all that you had described him to be-brilliant, handsome, and, most importantly, honest-l understood why you let your heart be stolen. It was then that I reconciled to sharing your affections with him. A few months ago, you made me a proud grandparent. If holding you in my arms for the first time gave me indescribable joy, seeing Krishnaa, your lovely daughter, for the first time at your home in Santa Monica, was a different experience altogether. I wondered, whether from now on, I would have to behave like a wise, grand old man! But, then I realized the bonus to growing older and becoming a grandparent. I would have the joy of pampering a child silly! Besides, you know what they say about grandparents and grandchildren having a common enemy-the parent! I am convinced Krishnaa and I will eventually exchange notes and crib about you and be completely on the same page when it comes to criticizing you!

As you pursue your goals and live a contended life, remember that there is only one planet for us to live in and that planet is now becoming endangered. Remember that it is your responsibility to pass on this planet to Krishnaa in a better condition than you got it from us.

Take care, my child!

Lovingly, Appa

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Kiku Sharda in judicial custody for imitating Dera chief, support grows on social media


Kiku Sharda1

Support for stand-up comedian Kiku Sharda of “Comedy Nights With Kapil” fame is pouring in on social media. Kiku Sharda aka ‘Palak’ was arrested today in Mumbai for imitating Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and was sent to 14-day judicial remand.


The TV artist has been booked under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code (outraging religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious belief) for allegedly hurting sentiments of followers of self-styled spiritual guru Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Fellow comedian Kapil Sharma has thrown his weight behind Kiku Sharda and requested the Dera chief to support Sharda.

The contentious episode was aired around December end. The comedian apologised after his arrest. “If I’ve hurt anyone’s sentiments, I fold my hands and apologize to everyone,” NDTV quoted him saying. However, followers of Baba Ram Rahim seemed unmoved.

Among celebrities who tweeted in support of the comedian are Farah Khan, Vishal Dadlani, Rahul Mahajan, Sophie Choudry, Raghu Ram and Vir Das.


One Facebook user recalled how Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim had dressed up like resembling the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and was pardoned by Akal Takht. Another Facebook user questioned if we were living in a banana republic.

Here’s the video because of which Kiku Sharda is in trouble.

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VIDEO: #TaubaTauba Modi entered Pakistan without Visa, says reporter



Video of Pakistani TV reporter Qaiser Khokhar has gone viral on social media after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to the neighbouring country. It is the hilarious way in which Qaiser Khokhar expresses his anguish for allowing Modi and his entourage consisting of 120 people to enter Pakistan without visa.


The C-42 channel reporter keeps repeating the phrase Tauba Tauba holding both his ears several times while expressing his disapproval of Modi’s unplanned visit to Pakistan. And he does it on-air in his piece-to-camera even as his colleagues seem to be laughing in the background.



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a stopover in Lahore on December 25 on way back from his visit to neighbouring Afghanistan. Modi accompanied by a few officials visited Nawaz Sharif’s residence in Lahore and wished him on his birthday while most of the Indian officials stayed at the airport. The visit, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in over a decade, took media by surprise.

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Edward Snowden joins Twitter, gets lakhs of followers


Snowden on Twitter

American whistleblower Edward Snowden has joined Twitter and has been an instant hit on the micro-blogging site. The only account that Snowden is following is that of his former employer National Security Agency (NSA), the intelligence organization of the United States. Edward Snowden had leaked classified documents of the NSA in 2013.

Snowden’s first tweet – Can you hear me now? has been retweeted over 37,000 times and his account has over 3,00,000 followers till last updated. The number of followers increased by thousands every time we refreshed Snowden’s Twitter page.

Snowden’s Twitter bio reads: I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress.

Snowden’s first tweet Can you hear me now? looked like a jab at the NSA. While another tweet taunted NSA thus: Meanwhile, a thousand people at Fort Meade just opened Twitter.

Fort George G. Meade is the headquarters of the America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and also US cyber command.

More from Snowden’s Tweets


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Facebook’s Digital India profile tool not linked to net neutrality


PM Modi and Zuckerberg

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and then his visit to Google headquarters was much talked about in mainstream and social media.

Ahead of the Townhall interaction, Mark Zuckerberg tinted his Facebook profile picture with Indian tricolour in support of Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign. The Indian PM thanked him on his official Facebook page sayingThanks Mark Zuckerberg for the support. I changed my DP in support of the efforts towards a Digital India.” Modi’s profile picture too was then draped in the Indian tricolour.

The new Tricolour profile picture was adopted by lakhs of Facebook users in India within hours. However a ‘tech’ website called NextBigWhat argued in a story that colouring Facebook profile pictures with the Indian tricolor to support Digital India campaign was a hidden agenda of the social networking giant to garner support for its controversial programme.

We all know the fear and frenzy created by the net neutrality debate in India and Facebook’s was at the thick of it. The US-based social networking site had partnered with telecom major Reliance Communications to offer free access to over 30 Websites without data charges to users in India – a platform that was seen as violating the principle of Net neutrality.

 NextBigWhat said in the article: “For Facebook, supporting ‘Digital India’ directly translates to marketing of in the country. This ain’t any novel initiative – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” All hell broke lose after the article was published on the website.

Catch News called the NextBigWhat piece “an eye opening investigation” and based its own story on it with a title: “Does Modi know of Zuckerberg’s trick behind the tricolour Facebook profile picture?

It reproduced the ‘source code’ of Facebook’s Support Digital India page from the NextBigWhat article which seemed the only ‘document’ to corroborate their claim.

MenXP, an Indian lifestyle website, which belongs to Times Internet group did the same thing in an article “Your Facebook Tricolor Profile Picture Doesn’t Support Digital India; Here’s The Ugly Truth.”

Other smaller websites followed suit and now this erroneous report is being widely circulated on social media with netizens venting their anger against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Source Code

Now, about the Support Digital India Source Code that has the word “_internetOrgProfilePicture_” in it. If one visits page and inspects the Page element, it shows Class=“_internetOrgProfilePicture_” among numerous other things. Now, this is just a CSS Class name as the code itself mentions. And anyone with basic knowledge of CSS or HTML or website building will know that a Class name is just a Shorthand name that developers choose. This in no way can register support for as the flawed articles claim.

The articles presumed that just mention of the words InternetOrg in Source Code of Support Digital India page meant Facebook was deceiving Indian people into supporting its controversial project while in reality this was not the case.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg too has a tricolor draped profile picture and said in an update:I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government’s effort to connect rural communities to the internet and give people access to more services online. Looking forward to discussing this with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook today.” It is therefore unlikely that this move by the head of a multi-national corporation is to deceive Indian people and Prime Minister Modi.

It must be recalled that Facebook has already made its submission in support of its project to India’s Department of Telecommunications over a month ago. And changing profile pictures does not amount to “supporting Facebook’s initiatives and in the process, stifling innovation in the country,” as one report puts it.

If Facebook were to trick us into taking our digital consent for its, it could quietly do it when we just signed into our accounts rather than when we changed our DPs to support Digital India.


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Angelina Jolie shows off her acting skills at young age


Angelina JolieIt is hard to believe but Hollywood star Angelina Jolie was also once an up-and-comer, who honed her skills in an acting class. A clip, unearthed recently, shows a young Jolie doing some intense scenes with one of her fellow students in her acting class.

Scroll Down To Watch Clip:

The clip was recorded during Jolie’s acting session in 2000. The super talent of the Hollywood actress can be noticed in the clip. It is also full of emotions with a little creepy dialogues.

Jolie, then 25, would have won Oscars as a drama girl.

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Dheere Dheere Se: Fall in love with Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor


Hrithik Roshan-Sonam KapoorThe remixed version of Aashiqui’s Dheere Dheere Se will make you fall in love with Hrithik Roshan again. Recreated by Honey Singh and featuring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, the song is creating a lot of buzz on social media even after a couple of days of its release.

The song has become talk of the town for the endearing chemistry between Hrithik and Sonam with the beautiful lactation of Antalya in the backdrop. Hrithik is seen playing a rich man who falls in love with an ever-stylish party organiser played by Sonam.

Fans will surely now like filmmakers to cast this stylish Jodi in a movie soon to catch more of them.

For More Watch Song Here:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger dead in Los Angeles?



Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood actor and former California governor, is dead. Such is the claim of two websites and gossip mongers on social media. The ‘report’ that the 68-year-old actor suffered a heart attack at his California residence however could not be confirmed and it has now emerged that it was a hoax.

A fake news portal MSMBC.CO published a report on August 27 stating that Arnold Schwarzenegger was found dead in California and the website also quoted Los Angeles Police Chief confirming the report.

The report that has now turned out to be false stated: Los Angeles Police Department received a 911 emergency call about an “unresponsive male” from his house. When the cops reached the house, they found the actor’s deceased body on his bed.

The website quoted Los Angeles Police Chief James J Freda as such: “We found Mr. Schwarzenegger in his bedroom deceased around 9:30 pm on Wednesday. We found no reason to believe foul play was a factor in his death but intent to perform a full investigation.”

Fans of the Australian-American actor started posting RIP messages on the news report and even on Facebook as the rumour about Schwarzenegger’s death started spreading.

However, it has been confirmed that the report of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s death was false as the actor was spotted with The Expendables producer Robert Earl at a Los Angeles restaurant, a day after rumours about his death emerged.

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5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford breaks down at Live Concert, reveals struggle with mental health: VIDEO


Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford, the guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer band, revealed his struggle with mental health right in the middle of a live concert at Detroit in the United States of America. It takes a lot of courage to do this as any mental issue is still considered a taboo. But Michael Clifford confided in his fans. He walked up to the mic and spoke right from the bottom of his heart.


“I was fixing some problems with my mental health… I just saw a therapist real quick on the break we had,” the 5SOS guitarist told thousands of fans. The Australian guitarist said he was working on the issues with his mental health.


Michael Clifford’s band members listened to his brief statement and started to rock with him once he was ready to play another song. The reaction of the crowd that had admirers of 5SOS, was a show of strength with their favourite guitarist.

And fans worldwide were quick to show their support for the musician by trending #WeLoveYouMichael. The Hashtag has been trending not just in the US or Australia but Worldwide.

Remember how a leaked nude picture of 5 seconds of summer member Calum Hood had sent his million of supporters into a tizzy. It was #WeLoveYouCalum then.


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Time’s Up for Ashley Madison? Stolen Data of users posted online


Ashley Madison

The inevitable has happened. If online reports are to be believed, user data of Ashley Madison, a site that facilitates extra-marital affairs, has been posted online for the world to see., a Canadian online dating service, that facilitates cheating in relationships, has 37 million users around the world.

The report, that leaked data from the dating site has been published online, could not been verified by any credible media outlet. The BBC reported that it did not have access to the data and could not verify its authenticity.

Nevertheless, says a lot of data nearly 10 gigabytes in size has been dumped onto the so-called dark Web, which means it is accessible only via encrypted browsers. Such data have reportedly also been uploaded on various Torrent file-sharing services over the past 48 hours.

The data posted online includes names, addresses and phone numbers purportedly attached to the member profiles of Ashley Madison. The data also includes details of credit cards and transaction information of users of the site. The BBC quoted security blogger Brian Krebs as saying that the data appears to be real.

Last month, hackers claimed they had stolen the data from the infidelity site and threatened to reveal it unless the site, that helps users find like-minded partners looking for sex outside marriage to cheat on their spouse, was taken down.

A message Time’s Up was displayed ahead of links to the files.


Ashley Madison calls it Criminal act

Ashley Madison termed the hacking an act of criminality and said it was cooperating with law enforcement agencies to find the hackers.

More than a million users of Ashley Madison live in the United Kingdom and the site has operations in over 50 countries.  The infidelity site was launched in India in 2014 and it saw overwhelming response especially from cities like Delhi and adjoining Gurgaon. It has 2.7 lakh Indian users.

The online dating site’s tagline is: “Life is short, have an affair”.

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