Ex-BSF Jawan commits suicide, accuses cops of raping daughter for several days


In a nerve-racking incident, a former BSF jawan committed suicide in front of Haryana secretariat building in Chandigarh and accused police officials of raping his 15-year-old daughter for several days.

Sandeep Kumar has left a suicide note that gives disturbing details of the sequence of events that led him to this extreme step. Sandeep was taken to PGI hospital in Chandigarh where doctors failed to revive him.

The suicide note states that cops from the Kharkhoda police station in Sonepat district of Haryana used to visit Sandeep’s house in the night and rape his daughter. The police constables threatened Sandeep because of which he did not raise an alarm.

The former BSF jawan has held his wife, Manju, and cops of Kharkhoda police station responsible for his suicide in the letter. Manju is Sandeep’s second wife.

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Viral Video: Cop thrashes youth, female friend; probe ordered



Yet another incident of moral policing has come to light in Maharashtra. This time at Ulhasnagar area of Thane district. A video showing a police official thrashing a youth and abusing his female companion has gone viral on social media. The incident has sparked outrage on social media with people demanding action against the cops.

A youth and his female friend were reportedly sitting in an auto-rickshaw when the police official accompanied by a constable approached them. He posed few questions to the youth and then started thrashing him. When his female friend tried to intervene, the police official is seen abusing her.


The senior police official has been identified as Mohan Waghmare of Ulhasnagar’s Hill Line police station. An inquiry has reportedly been ordered against him. He has argued that he was driven into action as locals of the area complained that young couples had allegedly indulged in obscene acts.

This is not the first time that Maharashtra police have been caught on the wrong foot for moral policing. In August this year, Mumbai police had rounded up 13 couples and 35 others in raids at hotels and beach for ‘indecent behaviour’ at public places.

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Kapil Dev is wrong in saying Sachin didn’t do justice to his talent


Kapil Dev

Former India captain Kapil Dev has stirred up a hornet’s nest by arguing that cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar didn’t do justice to his talent.

“Sachin was a much better cricketer but somewhere along the line he just knew how to score hundreds. He didn’t know how to make it a double hundred, or a triple or even 400s,” Khaleej Times quoted Kapil Dev as saying.

The all-rounder, under whose captaincy India won the 1983 World Cup, added he would have advised Tendulkar to play like Virender Sehwag.

While Kapil Dev may be entitled to his personal opinion, there are certain things that he seems to forget in making such arguments. Sachin is respected across the world, by the greats who played this game, not only because of his cricketing skills but because he displayed them in his batting.

Tendulkar mostly played at a time when there was no Virat Kohli to take care of the batting when he was out. The master blaster took the task of shouldering the responsibility of India single-handedly in the 90s. If we can recall the era, Sachin’s early wicket usually meant all the other Indian batsmen fell like a pack of cards. Sachin played grounded shots applying his perfect technique to the best deliveries fired at him when expectations from him were sky high. In fact higher than any other player in cricket history.

To Kapil Dev’s point that Sachin could have made 200, 300 or even 400, he seems to forget that making 100 hundreds is no small task in cricket and reflects much more consistency, performance and ability to dominate bowlers.

It is amusing that Kapil Dev feels Sachin should have played like Virender Sehwag when Sehwag himself has said on numerous occasions that he has learnt a lot from Sachin.

That is the reason, the other cricket icons present at the event – Shane Warne, Wasim Akram and Ian Botham – did not seem to agree with Kapil’s view.

Shane Warne remarked Sachin was special and the best batsman he played against. “Sachin is a wonderful player and in my 20-odd years of playing, he is the best batsman that I played against. The expectations he was under and the skill he had against fast and spin. The way he judged the balls. He was great for the game of cricket and he was a fantastic and wonderful player. He dominated bowlers in the mid-90s and he was just outstanding against any bowler. He also played exceptionally well against Australia,” said Warne.


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Will castration of rapists curb sex crimes against women? Excerpts from a Facebook conversation



A Facebook post praising Madras High Court’s recommendation to the Centre to consider castration as punishment for child rapists has evoked strong reactions on social networks. Here’s one such conversation on Facebook.

Shikha Pushpan, a journalist who works with a television news agency, praised the Madras High Court’s recommendation in an update on her Facebook profile: “Thumbs up to Madras HC that suggested castration for child rapists! But why just child rapists? Why not all rapists? Castration looks barbaric, but barbaric crimes should definitely attract barbaric model of punishment.”

Shikha’s suggestion earned support of friends in way of Facebook Likes. But there were words of caution too.

Shobha Rana Grover comments: 10 years ago I thought the same: castration for all rapists. However, my thoughts have drastically changed, and not without reason. As I noticed, most of the rapists convicted were from a particular strata of society… When the accused were peasants, labourers, very poor men, justice was instance. But things were different when the accused had power n money. The victim had difficulties even to get the case registered. Post Nirbhaya, case registration at police station has become easier, but not the whole process of justice when the accused is highly influential… Clearly, we have highly flawed system, including judiciary… And then there’s a different dimension to rape in urban India…

Shobha Rana Grover: Recently I came across a report that said 50 per cent of rape cases registered in Delhi were fabricated… How? Rape cases are filed not just when a woman is violated… Rape cases are filed when a couple returns home after having eloped. Girl’s family pressurizes police to register an FIR for rape (to take revenge or whatever on the boy) and one needs only a medical certificate claiming the couple had sexual intercourse… So the guy is a rapist even if the sex was consensual…

Rape cases are filed when a live-in relationship goes awry… There have been many instances where women have filed rape cases against their live-in partners (yes in Delhi and NCR) because they were saying no to marriage… And then these men and women generally reach a mutual agreement, and the case is withdrawn, after their female partners are paid a huge amount of money…So, castration is definitely not the answer.

Dipu Shaw comments: Along with this there are fabricated cases of rape that are filed after mutual sex. There are numerous examples. Like girls in cities especially Delhi see this as a tool to harass boys. I have friends whose girlfriends threaten them and their families that they will file cases against their boyfriends or ex-boyfriends and their families and make them spend the rest of their lives in prison. Some of them even demanded money (few lakhs) to let go the guys. Believe me, such phenomenon is increasing in Delhi. In spite of this, strict laws as castration will act as deterrent and violence of such heinous nature should have punishment of somewhat equal degree. Only that, the law should also have provisions to safeguard innocent guys and their families from unnecessary harassment. In fact, there should be punishment for fabricated cases. I do not know how this is possible when the law is heavily tilted towards women and rightly so. I have heard of a well-known woman activist who takes up cases and helps boys and their families.

Shikha Pushpan adds: Rapists should be convicted irrespective of their social backgrounds. Belonging to a weaker section does not mean he can escape punishment. If he has violated a woman, he should be punished. But at the same time, yes our judicial system is flawed. Many accused from well-to-do families go unpunished. But my point is a stricter punishment like castration will at least instill sum fear in these sex maniacs. A faster trial court cannot be the only solution. Yes, the Uber driver was probably convicted in less than an year because of this but rape cases have not gone down despite such measures. I guess we should focus more on prevention of rape than on what to do with the rapist after the crime takes place. I feel castration is a bold step in this regard.

Shobha Rana Grover: Do you guys remember the recent case in Gurgaon… Two top cops fighting over a rape case… Gurgaon JCP Bharti Arora had accused her senior and Gurgaon Commissioner Navdeep Virk of interfering in the investigation. Virk had accused her of harassing the “rape victim”… I was actually intrigued by the case because I had earlier too read the alleged rapist’s name but in a different report in August. Of course the identity of the “rape victim” was not revealed in any of the reports. I became curious and dug up some old news articles and found that the same “rape victim” had accused Mr X of molestation in 2011… She withdrew the case in 2013… in 2014 she filed a rape case against a Gurgaon guy with whom she shared a live-in relationship and also had a kid. After three years of living together, the Gurgaon guy refused to marry her saying he didn’t want to divorce his wife. So the woman filed a rape case against him, and it’s the same case that became the bone of contention between Bharti and Virk. Now comes in picture the third alleged rapist. This year in January, same woman filed a rape case against a US citizen of Indian origin. Yes, both were living-in. The rapist alleges that the victim is asking Rs 5 crore to withdraw the case. One woman, three known rape cases in three different police stations in Delhi, NCR (may be there are more case she has filed). All the rape accused are men from wealthy families…

Shikha Pushpan: Yeah, a typical case of misusing the law and taking advantage of being a “woman”. Sadly, the female cop was transferred after dis controversy.


Justice N Kirubakaran of the Madras High Court had suggested child rapists should be castrated as existing laws had proved to be “ineffective and incapable” in protecting children. The High Court made this remark while rejecting a plea by a British national accused of sexually abusing a boy.

Three girls, a two-and-half year old toddler and another five-year-old among them, were raped in Delhi earlier this month. Two teenage boys – aged 16 and 17 years – have been arrested in connection with the toddler’s rape.

According to statistics, an average of four children under the age of 12, are raped in the capital every week.

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Eight people killed in Gurdaspur terrorist attack


GurdaspurAt least eight people were killed after a group of terrorists opened fire at a public bus and stormed a police station Punjab’s Dinanagar town in the frontier district of Gurdaspur today morning.

The militants also targeted another part of the complex where the families of police personnel reside. A Superintendent of Police, two home guards and three civilians are among those killed in the attack.

The Hindu quoted a source saying that intelligence inputs on July 24 had warned that 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let) terrorists headed by commander Maqbool Khan are trying to infiltrate from Dudhiniyal, Jammu to carry out attacks in India on August 15 or before with the help of Pakistan Rangers and that Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is coordinating the efforts.

Gurdaspur attack
However, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that he had ordered increased security on the border with Pakistan, although it is unclear who is responsible for the attack.

He also tweeted:

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, on the contrary, appeared to blame the Union government. He said “The terrorists didn’t come from Punjab, they came from  the border. It’s the Centre’s job to seal the border.”

Meanwhile, five live bombs were reportedly recovered from nearby railway tracks in Gurdaspur.


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Primark shopping centre attacked by armed men near Paris


PrimarkA robbery attempt turned to be a hostage situation after three gunmen entered the Primark shopping centre near Paris Monday morning.

Le Parisien newspaper quoted a source saying that the assailants entered the shop at around 6.30am armed with shotguns. The source also added that one of the gunman may have been recognised as a Primark employee.

Police officials say that 18 people were safely evacuated after the incident and the situation was resolved with no bloodshed. However, the gunmen are still at large.

The police was reportedly alerted by a Primark employee who managed to send a message to her friend about the hostage. The police also told BBC that they did not think that the incident could be realted to a terror attack.

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Ola driver masturbated in taxi, says India woman



A woman has alleged that a driver linked to App based taxi service Ola masturbated when she was travelling in the vehicle in Delhi last week. The incident is the latest in a string of controversies involving app based taxi services in India.

The woman, according to a report in Hindustan Times works as a creative strategist for a Mumbai-based digital and social media consultancy firm. She had called Olacabs on July 2 to take her from Saket in south Delhi to Faridabad in Haryana. Olacabs sent a TaxiForSure vehicle driven by Devinder Kumar. TaxiForSure is Olacabs’ partner company which it acquired for $200m in March this year.

The woman described the incident through a Facebook post and Tweets which was picked up by the media. The woman said an update on her Facebook page that she had to request the driver thrice to lower the volume of the music as she was talking over phone. “As I was roughly 25 minutes from my destination, the driver got impatient and started driving brashly. Moreover he seemed extremely restless, anxious, and kept mumbling something to himself. I discontinued my call and asked him to drive properly in the most polite manner possible,” the woman wrote.

“I was about to make another call when I noticed that he was masturbating while driving. He had little control over the wheel as well as his perverseness. He had a smile on his face that will haunt me for nights to come. A #PSYCHOTIC man with a severe chemical imbalance for a driver is nothing but serious,” she added.

A TaxiForSure spokesperson was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying that the driver has been sacked. However, the woman has said to the newspaper that she is dissatisfied with the response of the firm.

There have been several such controversies related to App-based taxi aggregator services in India.

In December last year, the Delhi government banned app based taxi services after a woman executive in the capital alleged that the driver of her Uber cab had raped her after she fell asleep in the backseat of the car. The Uber cab driver is still facing trial in the case and has denied the charges.

Ola had however managed to convince the Delhi High Court to lift the ban following which app-based taxi services had resumed in the capital.

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Charleston Church Shooting: Nine people killed, shooter at large


ChurchAt least nine people were killed in a deadly shoot out at an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday evening.

The church holds a Bible study in its basement on every Wednesday evening.

Chicago Sun Times quoted Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen saying that prayers were being held inside the church when the incident occurred. Mullen also said that eight people were found dead at the Church and another person died after reaching hospital, also adding that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

The suspect was still at large.

According to the local police, the shooter was a clean-shaven white man in his 20s.

Although news camera showed police officers taking a man, who matched the description of the suspect, taking into custody, but they denied any success in this regard.

Mullen described the shooter as extremely dangerous and assured to use all resources and energy in finding the individual. 

Local Pastor Thomas Dixon also criticised the incident. He told KTLA, “It’s really bad. It’s a very bad scene,”

In a statement published in Chicago Sun Times, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said “While we do not yet know all of the details, we do know that we’ll never understand what motivates anyone to enter one of our places of worship and take the life of another.”

Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush also cancelled his event planned in the city Thursday due to the deadly church shooting.

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where the shooting took place, describes itself as the “oldest AME church in the South” on its website.

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Drunk woman rams speeding Audi into Taxi, 2 killed


downloadA woman lawyer rammed her red Audi Q3 into a taxi killing two people on Monday night in Mumbai. The woman, who was allegedly drunk at the time of incident, has been taken into custody by police. She was reportedly driving at the wrong lane.

Mohd Salim Saboowala, 50, and Mohd Hussain Sayaed, 57, who was driving the taxi, were killed in the car crash. Janhavi Gadkar, a Vice President (Legal) with Reliance Industries Limited, also missed hitting two bikes. She was chased by other bikers. Both the cars suffered extensive damages.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sangramsinh Nishandar told NDTV that the lawyer has admitted that she had consumed alcohol.

She has been booked for culpable homicide not amounting to murder and for rash driving.

Gadkar is likely to be produced in the court shortly.

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Video of NGO owner molesting tribal girl goes viral


NGO owner molests tribal girl

A video of an NGO owner molesting a tribal girl has gone viral on social media and mobile messaging service Whatsapp. Ironically, the NGO called Navnirman Trust works for the uplift and education of tribal community in Vyara town of Tapi district in Gujarat.

The accused was arrested by the police late on Thursday night after he was trying to flee to Maharashtra. Earlier, members of Adivasi Kisan Sagathan, a local social organization, submitted a memorandum to the district superintendent of police (DSP) demanding immediate action against the accused.

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO (Face of the victim has been blurred to conceal her identity)

A report in the Times of India website said that the accused, Ajay, is also a local BJP leader in Vyara.

The victim is an employee in the NGO and the video was purportedly shot by another woman in Rajput’s office.  Police informed that they are recording statement of the victim and a case will be registered as per her account.



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