Aamir Khan happy to work with Sunny Leone



Bollywood star Aamir Khan has joined other celebrities in praising and supporting Sunny Leone after her much-talked about interview with CNN-IBN. Aamir Khan has also clarified he is ready to work with Sunny Leone and has absolutely no problem with Sunny Leone’s past in the adult film industry.

I think Sunny conducted herself with a lot of grace and dignity in this interview…. I wish I could have said the same about the interviewer.

And yes Sunny, I will be happy to work with you. I have absolutely no problems with your “past”, as the interviewer puts it. Stay blessed. Cheers, Aamir Khan said on his official Facebook account. The same message was tweeted on Aamir’s Twitter handle.

Sunny Leone seemed overjoyed on seeing this and tweeted to Aamir Khan: I think my heart just dropped seeing this!! Thank you so much for the support. It means the world and beyond to me!

Then Sunny Leone added: Wow you just made my whole year saying that! I was just happy you wrote me back :) respect you dearly! :) :) :)


Sunny Leone was bombarded with demeaning questions by CNN-IBN journalist Bhupendra Chaubey in the news channel’s The Hot Seat show. The interview included a question in which the journalist asked Sunny Leone if she was not worried about the fact that actors like Aamir Khan were not ready to work with her because of her past in porn film industry. The journalist has been criticised for the interview.

Sunny Leone showed remarkable demeanour during the interview and has been praised by almost all top Bollywood stars.


Here’s Sunny Leone’s video message Thanking her fans for the love and support.

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